Brownstone x MAEKAN.com Interview

Posted by Waverly Watkins on

Our very first interview has just been published with the wonderful MAEKAN

MAEKAN is original storytelling at its purest through captivating audio, engaging words and beautiful visuals. It was a very fun and engaging conversation we had and we're glad to share it with you.

Warner and Waverly Watkins, the twin brothers behind Brownstone, recently released their latest collection “I Like It Here Can I Stay? : Rude Boys & Girls Club, USA”. Maekan got the chance to hear a few words from the duo on their latest collection and the challenges of starting an independent fashion brand in the current climate. 

Often times fashion wishes to be timeless but in the case of Brownstone, they’ve flipped the script. Pushing commentary is at the heart of their collections. When you look back on a Brownstone piece, it should reflect the cultural landscape of the moment”

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