Brownstone Featured on Coveteur

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The Coveteur stopped by Mark Anthony Green’s (GQ Style Guy) pad to discuss a few his favorite items from his closet.

Between sips of sweet tea, MAG discussed discovering Stanley Kubrick’s films while growing up in Kansas City, going on eBay deep dives for vintage bolos, and the importance of staying authentic to your influences. Amongst the pieces he displayed was the Brownstone “The World Won’t Listen” reversible sukajan bomber.

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“[The jacket] is Brownstone. The designers are these young black twins working out of L.A., but they’re from Virginia. One is really into punk rock; not the cute punk rock where it’s like, ‘Oh, that was cool,’ but the punk rock where like, a dude’s gonna throw up on you in a mosh pit and then you just keep going—shit that none of us are prepared to participate in. You don’t really see minorities in that space, right? You don’t really see a lot of minority designers, period. So to see them step into that, and to lean into those influences, I think it could be really special. So I’m looking out for them, to see what they do. Everything that I own from them I really, really like, and I wear it pretty often.”