Brownstone’s fourth collection Form/VOID is driven by a growing shift in consumer expectations, focusing on an effortless transition into more traditional silhouettes for everyday use with a unique twist.
The focus was on making better, not more; as sustainably becomes an increasingly urgent issue. Like previous collections, fabrics are sourced from Japan and Italy yet crafted in America (Los Angeles, CA to be exact).
Form/VOID finds twin brothers Warner and Waverly Watkins ruminating on the principle of “good design” while never side-stepping the cultural touchstones that enriches the brand. It is important to respect the past without replicating.
Graphic nods to Jazz, American Hardcore, sports iconography and even Eames himself strike a seamless balance with the brand’s first foray into more tailored pieces. This new flexible lifestyle calls for an equally seamless wardrobe. Creating a push towards versatile and comfortable pieces that blur the lines between luxury and modern elevated streetwear.
“We refer to that mix of how Form/VOID feels as “The Space In-Between” say the brothers. That effortless mix of attire that can be dressed up or down. Take for example this season’s Mohair Cardigans. Made of Italian mohair the piece is luxurious yet cozy with a relaxed timelessness through its clean lines or argyle prints to make layering easy and fun.
A sense of non-traditional uniformity runs through the collection where collegiate styles are able to sit next to and blend with re-imagined workwear silhouettes.
A suede trucker jacket receives a pop of color in Canary as well as a vibrant orange version with a wale collar. The collection’s Melton wool varsity jacket features custom chenille patches by LA artist Jacob Rochester and a rabbit fur collar reminiscent of vintage flight jackets.
Contrasting this, the offering also comes in a Japanese wale, a fabric the brothers selected because of its durability and timelessness and is featured throughout the collection in a new interpretation of their classic “14 Pocket Cargo Pants”.
It goes without saying that 2020 has been an awful year. Coming off of such accomplishments as a Complexcon “Brand to Watch”, several successful "Temp_orary Space” activations, and writeups in GQ and Hypebeast we were ready to fully launch Form/Void, but wanted to wait and give people time to adjust and cope with the worldwide COVID outbreak and continued murder of African-Americans in the US.
Brownstone plans to continue our community involvement and will stay politically active during our 2020 collection.