Following a Pre-Spring release exclusively for Nordstrom, independent Los Angeles based Cut+Sew brand Brownstone unveil Spring/Summer 2021 collection, “Chairs Missing: The Difference Between Looking & Seeing”.
The multi-disciplined design team led by twin brothers Warner & Waverly Watkins push their creative cues to new heights, releasing their largest collection yet. The brand’s Spring offering includes the launch of Brownstone’s permanent collection as well as seasonal ready-to-wear staples such as the brand’s signature Reversible Sukajan Bomber Jacket and their 14 Pocket Cargo Pant constructed from Japanese & Italian fabrications that feature enough smart and acute details to allow the wearer to stand out just enough without ever blending into the ordinary. An emphasis on uniformity is also evident in a double knee worker style denim in a beautiful eggshell white along with matching chore coat.
“Chairs Missing: The Difference Between Looking & Seeing” bears its namesake from UK Post-Punk band Wire and Los Angeles based Ceremony while strongly influenced by themes of hauntology, isolation, and surrealism woven through a subdued color pallet. As anticipated with every Brownstone collection, mohair is again utilized in an exceptional manner. This time it’s in the form of a lush olive leopard mohair print cardigan (available exclusively at SSENSE), as well as knitted sweaters bearing oversized graphics and topographical layouts.
“Good design is all about restraint. It was important to add just enough to the pieces to produce the desired feeling but never becoming too heavy handed with the inspiration.” says Warner.
“This collection is inspired by the lingering of the past and the sense of loneliness that can deliver. When COVID originally hit it made us reflect on the brand as it was five years ago when we started and the core of what we originally focused on in the beginning - the storytelling, the fabric selections, the color stories."
"Community and collaboration play such a large part in Brownstone, but because we didn’t really leave our studio, we ended up making garments that ensured for a wider range in storytelling this time such as releasing more luxury items like our leather trucker jacket in as well as classic easy to wear pieces that maintain Brownstone’s nuanced voice that will always be available in our online store. We wanted you to be able to shop this collection as a full-scale brand. It was like putting a puzzle together, so it’s very cool to have a variety of pieces available in as many boutiques as we sell to now.” says Waverly.
Chairs Missing arrives featuring an editorial shot in Los Angeles, CA by Atlanta photographer Neri, and original artwork with Virginia Artist Jesse Feinman, noted illustrator Cassidy McGinley (Formless Horror), as well as a 35mm film by Warner Watkins featuring music from previous collaborators Turnstile with additional photography by Yudo Kurita.