Brownstone SS'19 "I Like It Here, Can I Stay? Rude Boys & Girls Club, USA" debuts on Highsnobiety.com

Posted by Waverly Watkins on

After naming Brownstone as one of Highsnobiety’s favorite brands of 2018, today they have debuted the lookbook for our SS19 collection, “I Like It Here Can I Stay?: Rude Boys Girls Club, USA.”

The collection, which uses Japanese and Italian fabrics, takes design cues from director Jim Jarmusch’s 1989 movie Mystery Train and artist Will Boone’s 2014 book Prison Rodeo. Brownstone founders Warner and Waverly Watkins describe the collection as inspired by memories of family trips to the beach.

“This brand is not about nostalgia,” they say. “We’re very much into the here and now with so many things that we love, so we’re not really reflecting specifically. That juxtaposition of memory was really interesting to us and something we felt worth exploring.”

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